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Absolutely NO equipment drop-offs after hours or on Sundays! Our safety policy is strictly enforced.

The Crown Verity CV-RCB-60-SI50/100 commercial outdoor grill is made of stainless steel—a durable material that resists rust and corrosion. It's positioned on casters and 14-inch wheels to enable mobility, and to protect the unit during transport, crash bars are fitted on each end and the front above and below the control knobs. To facilitate cleaning and reduce the risk of grease fires, the water pans are built with drain pans to rid them of excess water. We supply 4 gallons of water, please return the milk crate and gallon jugs. Please use ALL four gallons of water. Rent our 30" griddles with this grill!

Propane Grill

  • Day Week Month
    $129 $516 $1548


  • We require a $50 cleaning deposit in this grill. If the grill comes back clean (i.e. no caked on food and grease) we will refund the deposit.
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