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Absolutely NO equipment drop-offs after hours or on Sundays! Our safety policy is strictly enforced.

The 138-2 is a cable-driven drywall hoist that extends up to 17 feet and is suitable for use on walls, flat ceilings, and cathedral-style ceilings. This drywall lift contains a removable 6-foot extension. The Panellift, being the original drywall hoist, boasts a well-established reputation for its durability in the industry. The cradle offers a lateral tilt of 65 degrees for easy loading and installation on both standard walls and sloped ceilings. Furthermore, it provides a longitudinal tilt of 10 degrees. The quick-acting, single-stage winch, complete with a noiseless cam-lock brake, efficiently raises and lowers the wallboard, eliminating the need for straining your back.

17 ft Drywall Lift

  • 4 Hours Day Week Month
    $35 $45 $180 $540


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